Rebecca Pineda

Rebecca PinedaWhat are your favorite places on campus to study?

My favorite place to study on campus is the library. On the second floor, there are quiet study areas that are hidden way in the back. It's the perfect place to study when everyhere else is too noisy to concentrate.

How did you become "connected" to UIC?

To become connected to UIC you need to want to become connected. Make sure to get involved with study groups with other students and take advantage of other opportunities that teachers throw at you. For the first semester I suggest concentrating on studies and once second semester comes, get involved with clubs and other groups on campus.

What is important to know the first day of the semester?

It is important to remember the basics of each class that you attend. What is the class? Why are you taking it? What are the basics necessary to be successful in the class? Also, remember where your classes are and to be early. There will be many eyes on you if you walk in late.