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UIC Faculty Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Table of Contents

Section FPP 100:  Appointment Types and Appointment Processing

Section FPP 200:  Leaves

Section FPP 300:  Probationary Period

Section FPP 400:  Promotion and Tenure

Section FPP 500:   Family-Work Friendly Policies

Section FPP 600:   Salary and Compensation

Section FPP 700:   Reviews/Development

Section FPP 800:   Employee Relations

Section FPP 900:   Retirement, Resignation, and Termination

Section FPP 1000:   Forms

  1. Service Toward Completion of the Probationary Period Form
  2. Named Faculty Appointment Transmittal Form
  3. Overcompensation Request Form
  4. Special Written Agreement to Accept Terms of MYC Form
  5. Tenure Hold Forms: (FPP1000-E1 and FPP1000-E2)
  6. Transmittal for Tenure Rollback Form
  7. Monthly Leave Report for Academic Employees Form
  8. Request for Exception to the Limit on Summer Appointment Form FPP 1000-G
  9. Request for Exception to the Limit on Summer Appointment Addendum
  10. UIC Proposal for Re-Employment of a U of I Retiree Form
  11. Special Written "W" Agreement Form
  12. Partner Accommodation Request Transmittal Form FPP1000-J
  13. Emeritus/Emerita Status Request Form
  14. Certification of Oral English Proficiency Form

Section FPP 1100:   Historical Policies and Procedures

  1. Method of Final Payment/Service(Service/Pay Changes 2003)