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Managing the active, inactive, and permanent records of the university is one of the most significant administrative challenges facing UIC today.  Increasingly, vital university records like correspondence, reports, and curriculum materials are created in electronic format and saved on the desktop computers or in the email accounts of individual staff members.  Others, such as many HR and student records, are part of large university-wide electronic systems like Banner. At the same time, changes in state legislation and civil law have increased the burden on the university to produce records in a timely manner.  Public interest in the transparent administration of state institutions has also contributed to increased demand for university records. 

At UIC, many university offices are involved with the management of university records, including the University Archives, University Legal Counsel, the campus computing offices, as well as the custodians of these records.  However, the university lacks a co-ordinated approach to records management resulting in piecemeal compliance and widely varying records retention practices.  The resulting costs and risks assumed by the university are many, including:

Task Force Charge

The purpose of the Records Management Task Force is to:

The Task Force will be chaired by the University Librarian and will prepare a report to be submitted to the Provost and Chancellor.  A draft report will be completed by mid-May 2010 with the final report due at the end of June.


Final Report
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