College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Awards


The Scholarship Association awards for students from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are now being awarded by the major department.  Following is a list of the departments and awards they are now administering.  Please contact the deparment for more information:


Department of Biological Sciences

Hirsch Family Award


Department of Chemistry

Norman Nachtrieb Memorial Award


Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice

Chicago Bar Association Entertainment Committee Criminal Justice Graduate Award

Richard H. Ward Award


Department of Economics

Bassett, Chiswick, Kosobud and Stokes Award

Ronald P. Moses Economics Club Award

Sylvia L. Saffrin Memorial Award


Honors College

Mark Wyatt Award


Department of Hispanic Studies

Violet Bergquist Redding Award


Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Cathy Hill Cawthon Memorial Award


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Peter and Elsie May Klassen Memorial Award