Each spring the Scholarship Association for UIC offers scholarships for current UIC students. The Scholarship Association for UIC has made significant changes to streamline the application process so please read the Application Guide and Important Information for Applicants below carefully.



1.  Check general elibility requirements for applying for SAUIC awards to ensure that you are eligible to apply.  You may also review the specific eligibility requirements for each award for your reference.

2.  Complete the 2014 SAUIC APPLICATION to start the process of applying for a scholarship. (By clicking "2014 SAUIC Application" you will be sent to the online webform.)

3.   Submit your academic record (required) and financial aid report (optional).  You can submit these documents in three ways:

1.  You can upload the pdf within the web application.

2.  You can email the pdf as an attachment to

3.  You can deliver a paper copy to our office at 2506 UH.

a.  Your Academic Record  (Required):  Your academic record can be accessed through DARSWEB and either be a DARS report from DARSWEB for STUDENT on my.UIC, or a pdf of your Academic History from the Web for Student registration system.  A copy of your academic history from the registration system is preferred if your DARS report is more than five pages.


b.  Financial Aid Award Letter (Optional but recommended if applicable):  If applicable, submit a copy of your 2013 - 2014 UIC Financial Aid Award Letter to the Office of Special Scholarship Programs.

For many awards financial need is a consideration. If you receive financial aid, please submit a copy of your UIC Financial Aid Award letter or other documentation from the Web for Student system detailing your financial aid package. The Financial Aid Award Letter is optional and will not disqualify your application from consideration as some students do not receive financial aid; however, we suggest that you provide us with a complete description of how you finance your education in the webform application if you do not submit any documentation.


  **Please note that applicants complete only one application AND letters of recommendation are no longer required for every SAUIC award.  Please see "Important Information for Applicants" below for more information. 



1.  Please note that all SAUIC applicants will be considered for all awards for which they are eligible by completing the common application and will not need to select specific awards any longer.  Each application will be reviewed upon submission and the applicant will be notified via email about the awards for which he or she will be under consideration.

2.  Some of our awards have special instructions and require additional materials and statements from applicants.  Once you have completed your initial application, the SAUIC Coordinator will contact you regarding the awards for which you will be considered and notify you if any other materials such as letters of recommendation or additional essay are required.

3.  Following is a list of awards for which special materials are always required.  If you believe that you will be considered for these specific awards, please be prepared to submit the materials required in the award description.  The SAUIC Coordinator will also notify you of these special materials:

    Scholarship name Special Materials Required?
    Salinas-Chapa Family Memorial Award


    FOR Initial Review - no

    Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer People and Allies Undergraduate Award yes
    Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer People and Allies Graduate Award yes
    Eugertha Bates Memorial Award yes


4.  If necessary, you should consult with your Financial Aid Counselor if you have questions about how winning an award may affect your financial aid. If you are selected as an award recipient all funds are distributed through your student account during the 2014-2015 academic year unless you are a graduating senior. It is important to consult your Financial Aid Counselor to determine the effects of winning an award. Please keep in mind that winning merit based awards always benefts you beyond the monetary aspects of the award, so we recommend that you contact the SAUIC Coordinator if you have questions.

5.  THE APPLICATION DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, February, 28, 2014We recommend that you consider applying early to ensure adequate time to complete any subsequent materials that may be requested.