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Freedom dreams


MAY 28-30, 2014

Freedom Dreams Freedom Now! was an intergenerational interactive gathering of scholars, artists & activists to wrestle with the past and imagine & organize for a better future.

Speakers & Participants included:

Angela Davis
Julian Bond
Robin D.G.Kelley
Rosa Clemente

Some quick stats from UIC News :

24 states & 34 U.S. colleges were represented among the intergenerational and interdisciplinary crowd.

1/3 of the conferees were under 25, the majority people of color.

9 of UIC's colleges were represented among the featured panelists.



Freedom Dreams…Freedom Now! was a 3 day conference in honor of the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer ‘64. We invited activists, community leaders, students, scholars, and artist to join us in reflecting on the legacy of Freedom Summer ’64 while at the same time developing analysis, skills, and strategy to further contemporary movement building for social justice. Prominent organizers, scholars, and artist led workshops, strategy sessions, and presentations on some of the most pressing social justice issues of our time. The videos will enc ompass all the conference plenaries and the key sessions. Video Highlights from the conference will be coming soon. Check back soon!




Listen to the Audio Quilt. We have a quilt in process. Click on the audio button to experience the Audio Quilt compiled during their session:






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