Pipeline to justice

In fall of 2014 the Pipeline to Justice (P2J) Scholars Program welcomes a cohort of seven stellar undergraduate students to UIC with recognized accomplishment as community activists and community organizers in under-served and oppressed communities.

We will provide them with support based on four specific goals: 1) Fostering positive peer support and a sense of a ready made ‘home’ community; 2) Creating socially relevant curricular and co-curricular learning experiences including internship placements that link social justice to academic subjects; 3) Affirming community ties that build confidence and a sense of continuity for incoming P2J students, framing their home communities as contiguous with, not external to, the overall learning environment; 4) Sustaining a team of faculty mentors who support the whole person and affirm the community service/ engagement components of who the students are, as well as their on campus student identities.

The ultimate goal is 100% successful graduation rate followed by a continued career as a social justice worker or working in a field doing work through a social justice lens. This pipeline, we hope, will not end with graduation. By selecting P2J incoming students who have already demonstrated commitment to community service, social justice work and leadership, we expect they will used the skills and credentials acquired at UIC to continue this work around socially relevant issues in the service of a greater good. SJI will provide mentors, community and faculty support, and access to scholarship resources.