GPPA & Honors College Application Information

Applying to the GPPA and the Honors College

Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions

The GPPA program allows a limited number of first year students per year to be admitted to UIC with guaranteed admission to one of several professional degree programs. Students follow a specific curriculum and meet established performance criteria to maintain guaranteed admission.

With the security of GPPA, students are able to focus on undergraduate studies and have the freedom to pursue many subject areas and disciplines. In addition, participants have early and frequent contact with professional school faculty and advisors. Most students in GPPA also benefit from the facilities and services of the UIC Honors College.


Honors College

The UIC Honors College is an option for undergraduate students at UIC who seek additional academic challenge and extra-curricular opportunities.

All members of the Honors College also belong to a degree-granting college such as Liberal Arts and Sciences or Engineering.

Members of the Honors College may take honors courses or participate in an array of out of classroom experiences each semester.

Admissions for Fall 2014

The UIC application is available for Fall 2014! 

You can find the GPPA and Honors College applications within the UIC First Year Supplement Form!

Application Availability and Deadlines

The Fall 2014 GPPA and Honors College applications are currently available!  Please begin your application process by visiting our Office of Admissions website. 

For questions about GPPA admission, please contact the GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator at or 312-355-3407.

For questions about Honors College admission, please visit the Honors College website or contact the Honors College at 312-413-2260 for more information.

If you would like to inform us of your interest in the GPPA program or in the Honors College for a future year, please contact our GPPA Undergraduate Coordinator at You can also email us any questions that you may have at