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JPHAS (Journal for Pre-Health Affiliated Students) is an undergraduate academic journal, which is comprised of health related articles written by students from a variety of disciplines at UIC. We are responsible for annual written publications and also have online publications at the end of each semester. In each issue, our writers tackle a variety of health related issues, ranging from debates on controversial topics, to discussions about new treatments for diseases, to the altruistic behavior of bacteria.

JPHAS was created in May 2001 to more fully recognize the broad spectrum of pre-health students at the University of Illinois at Chicago. We strive to offer students considering careers in health-oriented professions a valuable, informative resource and a forum to express, present, and exchange ideas. In doing so, JPHAS aspires to strengthen the network of support for pre-health students.

Copies of past JPHAS journals can generally be found within the Honors College. If you are interested, please email us at, or visit the JPHAS website for more information and to learn about how you can get involved!


OneWorld is a student publication that focuses on current event issues across the globe and here at home as well as issues of social justice, community awareness and student research. I started out as a contributing writer that was published but when a new executive board was being formed I knew that my experience working on yearbook and news paper in high school would be a great asset working on layout for OneWorld. Since then I have been a layout editor for OneWorld as working as a team, we have managed to give the magazine a whole new look. I love how much freedom we have because it is a student publication, which means everything that has to be done is done by us. OneWorld is just one of the many organizations on campus that allow for students to take an active role in the UIC community but putting your own mark on something and I would encourage all future students to find something that they enjoy and truly invest some time in it!

Society of Future Physicians

The Society of Future Physicians is an undergraduate Honors student organization at UIC dedicated to informing our members about all there is to being a pre-medical student. Our topics range to cover issues like: Medical School matriculation, divisions and specialties, current “hot topics” in the medical field, volunteering opportunities, surgery viewings, leadership positions, and community involvement opportunities.

These are just the major events, but our activities are certainly not limited to these:

  • Volunteering – We work in the Pediatric Unit at the University of Illinois Medical Center. These events usually include holiday-themed parties
  • Surgery Viewings – Many of our affiliated surgeons allow us to spend the day with them in the operating room. This is a great opportunity to build relationships with established physicians.
  • Lectures – Physicians of different specialties come and speak to us regarding current events in medicine – this will help you get an idea of what you might want to specialize in once you graduate medical school.
  • MCAT Practice Tests – our affiliates at Kaplan Test Prep offer practice MCATs for free at various times during the school year. Also, SFP members are guaranteed a discount off the price of the MCAT Practice courses.
  • Social Events – Get to know your fellow Pre-Meds by coming out one of our socials. These are informal get-togethers wherein snack and drinks are served. Every once in a while, we’ll do a themed social—just to break the monotony of the curricula.
  • Medical School Tours – We tour the UIC Medical School as well as other medical schools in Chicago.

Alternative Spring Break

Alternative Spring Break is an exciting program that takes groups of students to different parts of the country to participate in weeklong service learning activities during spring and winter break. Each activity focuses on a different issue; for example, one trip to one part of the country might deal with urban poverty, and another trip elsewhere might deal with the environment. The trip enables students to work consistently with their chosen organization, developing a deeper understanding of the situation and the underlying issue, as well as a closer relationship with those affected. Additionally, ASB involves students in weekend volunteer opportunities in the Chicago area throughout the year, helping students become active participants in the communities in which they live.

For my trip, I went to Memphis, TN, where I worked with Refugee Empowerment Program (REP) and helped refugee schoolchildren from Somalia, Sudan, Burundi, and Nepal. We worked both within the classroom and after school on homework and reading, math, and science skills. During my trip, I saw firsthand how the school system fails to adequately address the needs of refugee children. Students were consistently put into grade levels well above their abilities, and as a result, many were trying to learn more advanced concepts without having mastered the fundamentals. I met students who were struggling with long multiplication – not because they had not mastered their multiplication tables, but because they were unable to do simple addition without counting on their fingers. This was only one example of a long list of problems that were failing these schoolchildren, overwhelming them and ultimately leading many of them to lose interest in school altogether.

I credit ASB for providing me with this hands-on opportunity, without which I never would have known that this issue even existed. Ultimately, I would like to get involved to work toward fixing these numerous problems. Even though my trip is over, I have remained active in ASB and recently joined the ASB Executive Board as a member of the fundraising committee, in order to ensure that I can do my part to make sure that these valuable trips remain affordable to as many people as possible. I hope to go on another trip in the future, potentially as a site leader.


Golden Key

This group is dedicated to offering meaningful volunteer work, activism, and community outreach programs to its members as well as fostering leadership skills. We work with Between Friends and Rainbow House (working with domestic violence victims) as well as operating tutoring programs at local schools. This year we are focusing on literacy campaigns in the Chicago area especially trying to foster alphabetical, financial, and health literacy.