Testimonies from Current Students UIC College of Medicine



Daniel WangThe program has a variety of well-organized seminars and classes that are structured to promote and sustain ways how we, as inspiring future physicians, may come to realize and achieve our dreams. The frequent interactions with various medical professionals and professors through these classes and seminars have really helped me understand the breadth of the value of a medical and liberal arts education and what it means to be a physician. Through the program I have been able to work in a collaborative environment with peers who share the same unified goals as myself. The program instills the ideology that we students should always unsettle our minds, widen our horizons, and challenge everything to ultimately become more critical thinkers, leaders of our respective communities, and above all, physicians.

-Daniel Wang
B.S. Biological Sciences
GPPA Class of 2013


Aran YooThe GPPA program has given me many benefits that facilitate an ideal undergraduate career. Through its seminars, advisors, access to research, and lectures I have been able to explore and understand my intentions for my future in medicine. It has led me to ask more specific questions about my role as a physician, beyond potential areas of clinical specialties. By exposing its students to current issues within medicine and society - such as rising costs of Medicare and Medicaid or recent technological developments and their impacts - GPPA challenges individuals to think critically and be participators of society.

In addition, and more importantly, I have been challenged and probed to think about my responsibilities as a future physician. Often medicine is dominated by molecular and biochemical features of treatments while other aspects, such as the patient-physician relationship, are forgotten. These, however, are significant to the ethics and success of medicine. The GPPA program ensures that its students are prepared to become leaders of society.

-Aran Yoo
B.S. Biological Sciences
GPPA Class of 2012