Why is GPPA Medicine Unique?

The GPPA Program at UIC is one-of-a-kind. There are many other combined BA/MD programs throughout the country, each with their own academic requirements, pace, and unique features. When considering UIC, it is important to keep the following aspects of the program in mind:

  • GPPA Medicine is not an accelerated program. Students may complete their undergraduate studies in three years, but spending four years is encouraged.
  • The GPPA Mission believes that the guarantee is valuable because it allows students to explore a wide number of interests as an undergraduate, without feeling compelled to fit a typical “mold” of a medical school applicant, thus creating more well-rounded, cultured, and happy students.
  • The strong emphasis that GPPA Medicine places on teaching students the importance of professionalism, integrity, and compassion for the human spirit is what sets GPPA Medicine students above medical students in other programs.
  • The GPPA Medicine program offers flexibility for students by giving them the option to choose any major and to apply to medical schools outside of the program.