UIC Facts and Information


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) offers students the opportunity to study with an outstanding faculty while taking advantage of the cultural and educational opportunities in one of the world's greatest cities.

  • UIC has 15 colleges and offers bachelor's degrees in 70 fields, as well as a wide range of graduate and professional programs. More than three-fourths of the tenured faculty teach freshman courses.

  • With a culturally diverse and academically talented student body of approximately 25,000, UIC is the largest university in the Chicago area and ranks among the top 50 out of more than 650 national universities in federal research funding.

  • The University of Illinois, a dynamic educational system with a long-standing tradition of excellence, serves the people of Illinois, the nation, and the world on three campuses: Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign. Faculty at each campus maintain the University's commitment to teaching, research and public service. Each campus is also assisted and strengthened by intercampus cooperation and University wide services.

  • World-renowned museums, ethnic neighborhoods, shops and restaurants of all varieties, top professional entertainment and athletic events are located within a few miles of the campus.

  • Students often study through cooperative education programs with prominent business professionals, engineers and architects.

  • Students also have access to UIC's extensive computer system, its 1.9 million-volume library, and the many other academic, public, and specialty libraries in the Chicago area.

  • Students can choose from more than 150 student organizations and participate in student government.

  • Although a majority of the students live off campus, more than 3,000 students live in University residence halls on the east, west, and south campus areas.  Over 6,000 students live within our surrounding community.  Special interest housing is available for students who wish to live in learning communities such as the Honors College, Women in Science and Engineering, etc.