Office of Special Scholarship Programs


The Office of Special Scholarship Programs (OSSP) assists current UIC undergraduate and professional school students in searching and applying for nationally competitive scholarships, fellowships and external scholarship awards. We provide information about available awards, advice on application preparation, and assistance throughout the scholarship application process. We do not award scholarships, and our services are available to current UIC undergraduates and professional students only.

Graduate students: you may contact Marie Khan, Fellowships and Finanicial Aid Coordinator, Graduate College, for more information related to funding for your degree programs or visit this page on the Graduate College website.

We don't simply provide a list of awards. We help students present themselves clearly and effectively for awards that best suit their needs. Our director, Beth Powers, can offer guidance on communication about academic achievement, co-curricular involvement, life experiences and financial need. Students are welcome at any point in their degree program, and are encouraged to plan ahead to prepare the strongest possible scholarship applications.


Office of Special Scholarship Programs
808 University Hall
601 S. Morgan St. (MC 115)
Chicago, Illinois 60607
(312) 355-2477
(312) 355-1233 (FAX)



  1. Click to Join the OSSP listserv or visit the archive to find a list of scholarships with upcoming deadlines.
  2. Complete an Information Form and submit it to OSSP to be added to our database. Should we come across awards that are a fit for you, we'll contact you about them.

  3. Review the website for awards that might fit you. We organize awards by major or "discipline" and in several other ways.

  4. Visit our library in 808 UH. It is open 9-5 M-F. We have a variety of scholarship books available.
  5. Once you've located a particular award you'd like to discuss further, please feel free to email with your questions and availability.
  6. OSSP is unable to meet one-on-one with students who have general scholarship inquiries, but is eager to support students who have identified a particular award they'd like to apply for. Also, OSSP understands the particular issues that arise when disabled and undoumented student seek awards, and is happy to set up one-on-one appointments with members of these communities.