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Madison application deadline: March 1 annually

Important Notes: All winners must agree to teach American history, government or social studies in grades 7-12 for no less than one year for each full academic year of study under the fellowship.

Eligibility: All applicants must be US citizens or US nationals, be a teacher or be planning to become a teacher of American history, American government, or social studies at the secondary school level. Applicants who already have a graduate degree must wait at least three years from the date that degree was received before applying. Applicants must either currently possess a bachelor's degree, or plan to receive a bachelor's degree no later than August 31 of the year in which they are applying.

Description: The James Madison Foundation offers two types of fellowships. Junior Fellowships are awarded to students who are about to complete, or have recently completed, their undergraduate course of study and plan to begin graduate work on a full-time basis. Junior Fellows have two years to complete their degrees. Senior Fellowships are awarded to experienced teachers who wish to undertake work for a graduate degree on a part-time basis through summer and evening classes. Senior Fellows have up to five years to complete their degrees. Award totals $24,000 over the period of study to complete degree.

The Fellowships are intended exclusively for graduate study leading to a Master's degree. Fellowship winners are expected to pursue one of the following degrees: Master of Arts in American History or Political Science, Master of Arts in Teaching concentrating in American Constitutional History or American Government, or a Master of Education degree or the Master of Arts or Science in Education with a concentration in American history or American government, political institutions, and political theory.

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