Summer College at UIC | Study Abroad

Study Abroad Office advisors work one-on-one with students to find a program abroad which meets their academic and personal needs. There are over 300 program possibilities world-wide where students can earn UIC credit toward graduation. As Summer College students, you have the advantage of thinking early about how to integrate a term abroad into your academic plan.

"Living and studying in Morocco has redefined my entire identity in complex ways. Although I am still trying to find my purpose, I see deeper meanings to myself. I am a stronger person by far, and by taking this chance to study abroad in a country I was not familiar with, I have grown exponentially in ways I could not imagine. I understand and appreciate Islam and Moroccan culture through a new lens. Morocco has made me a tougher and kinder person at the same time."

UIC Study Abroad student, Morocco


This is a 15 minute presentation followed by a question/answer session that takes place in the Study Abroad Resource Room in 502 University Hall. It is open to all UIC students and discusses the how, what, when, where, and why of studying abroad. You will also find out about scholarships - over $1 million benefitted UIC students going abroad in the past six years.

"I was a minority back in the States, Hispanic, and I am still a minority here, but the difference is that in Chicago I would walk for five minutes and see another Hispanic person, and here I can go days without seeing another American let alone another Hispanic person. That was something that took a while to get used to."

UIC Study Abroad student, Japan


May 13th - July 31st

Tuesdays at 10 am
Wednesdays at 12 pm
Thursdays at 2 pm

"...the word that I believe to be most sufficient in conveying a sense of the whole endeavor is 'Monumental'. ...I realize now that I would trade nothing in this world for the friends, laughs, culture, knowledge, food, and the myriad other priceless things I attained through my experience studying abroad."

UIC Study Abroad student, France


502 University Hall