Advisors must request access to DARS and/or TES through the authorized DARS security contacts in your college as listed below.

When requesting access please include the name, title, NetID, and campus phone number of the person needing access.


Applied Health Science Eileen Doran, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Architecture & the Arts Milly Crespo, Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Elizabeth Salvi, Assistant to the Dean
Business Administration Theresa Hayden, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Programs
Urban Planning and Public Affairs John Betancur, Director, Urban and Public Affairs
Education Joy Eisen, Associate Dean for Student Affairs
Jennifer DeLago, Coordinator of Advising and Registratrion
Engineering Michael McNallan, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
Jim Muench, Director of Engineering Admissions and Records
Honors College Bette Bottoms, Dean and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs
Stacie Williams, Associate Dean
Liberal Arts & Sciences Lizanell Benitez, Program Coordinator for Student Academic Affairs
Brian Roessler, Executive Assistant Dean
Nursing Clare Delaney, Director of Student Affairs
Office of Diversity Kristy Kambanis, Assistant to the Vice Provost for Diversity