What is Transferology?

Transferology is a web-based advising system that provides consistent and up-to-date information about degree requirements and transfer equivalencies.

Whether you are a prospective student planning on transferring to UIC from a two-year school in Illinois or a current UIC student considering taking courses somewhere other than at UIC, Transferology can help ensure that you enroll in the proper courses. In Transferology you can create a "Program with equivalencies" that will allow you to determine which courses transfer to UIC and where the course fits into the requirements of your intended degree program.

In addition to utilizing Transferology, prospective students are encouraged to meet with advisors from the transfer centers at their respective institutions, as well as counselors from UIC's Office of Admissions.

Continuing UIC students should bear in mind that there are certain limitations on acceptable credits from other institutions. If you are considering taking courses at any college or university other than UIC, you must meet with an advisor in your college to obtain permission beforehand.

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