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UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar

Interested in diversity, social justice, or getting to really understand your fellow UIC students?


UIC First-Year Dialogue Seminar: Campus Courses 120 (CC120)

One of the most remarkable resources of UIC is its diversity, and the opportunities afforded to you because of UIC's diverse people, places, and resources. This special seminar, CC120, is designed to help you understand and take advantage of that diversity.

You and a dozen other students will get to know each other while exploring together what it means to:

--belong to a specific group of people (in terms of gender, race, class, religion, etc.),
--talk effectively with people of different groups, and
--understand scholarly work revealing the benefits of diversity and the meaning of social justice.

So, take this great opportunity and register for CC120!

How? It's easy. Log in to, and add this course to your schedule for Fall 2012.

If you have already attempted and were unsuccessful with adding this course, please try again.  There are more open seats now! But there are only about 200 seats open, so don't wait to register.

If you have not come to your new student orientation, please make sure to talk to your advisor about this new course when you come to campus. They have the needed information to register you in the CC120 seminar. Your orientation leader will also be able to provide instructions and further information. Registration instructions are available clicking here.

Note: Campus Courses 120 (CC120) is an 8-week course (half semester) that meets for a little more than an hour and a half each week. You can choose to enroll for the first 8-weeks or second 8-weeks of the semester.

If you have any questions at all, please contact the program coordinator, Steve Whitley, at 312-355-0232 or