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Cluster Implementation Advisory Committee

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Dear Colleagues: 


You will recall that seven proposals were selected for funding under the Cluster Hiring Initiative to Increase Diversity and Interdisciplinary Studies in a two-phase competitive selection process. The announcements for the selected proposals can be found at the following websites:


I now write to ask you to serve as a member of the Cluster Implementation Advisory Committee. As the Cluster Hiring Initiative progresses, this Committee’s main purpose will be to provide responsive and consistent guidance in the faithful execution of its original goals. The Committee’s three main tasks will be:


  1. To serve as the repository for information regarding the status and progress for each cluster program and to produce reports related to that status and progress from time to time and as requested.
  2. To facilitate the hiring of the cluster program faculty, and to advise on synergistic activities that might enhance the profile of multiple clusters to a single action or hire.
  3. To facilitate the campus’ actions relative to the clusters (e.g. public relations, web presence, etc).


A list of the full committee membership is below. Your acceptance to serve will be assumed unless you notify one of the co-chairs: Saul Weiner,, or Beth Richie,  I thank you in advance for your commitment to the success of this exciting initiative.


Lon Kaufman
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost


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