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WISEST 2008-09 Leadership Seminar Series Presents

Media Workshop: How to Engage the Media with Your Work

How to communicate your research to the public!

Stephanie Coontz, Evergreen State College
How to Write an Effective Op-Ed

Virginia Rutter, Framingham State College
How to Get Press Coverage of Your Work

Deborah Siegel, Woodhull Institute
Everything You Need to Know About Blogging

Friday, April 17, 2009
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Student Center East- 302 SCE

Notify siebert1@uic.edu if you will attend. (by April 15th)

Student Center East- 302 SCE
University of Illinois at Chicago
750 South Halsted Street

This Workshop is sponsored by WISEST and NSF ADVANCE Institutional Transformation Award. It is part of the Conference for the Council on Contemporary Families. There is no fee for STEM faculty and post doc participants. Click Here for a printable flyer.

WISEST Post Doctoral Associate News

WISEST Post Doctoral Associate: Helena Puche

BIOS 594: The Dispersal Paradigm: from invasion to conservation
Spring 2009, CNR # 29398 (2 credit hours)
Time/Place: Wednesdays 12-2 pm. SES 3362
Instructor & Contact Information: Helena Puche, hpuche@uic.edu, 630-935-8081.

The Dispersal Paradigm will explore the introduction, colonization, dispersal and establishment in the invasion process of microorganisms, fish, insects, birds, mammals, seeds and pollen, and present the latest tools to measure the dispersal processes. We will generate a dispersal curve with our own outdoors or in class data, and use that data to generate an expected wave of invasion to predict the extent of the movement of individuals away from its place of origin using Matlab (available for UIC students). On campus, there is no course on mechanisms and consequences of dispersal that addresses current issues in depth for graduate students. 

The course will consist of discussions lead by students on selected topics based on scientific articles.  The objectives are to: (1) survey mechanisms, processes and importance of dispersal (2) discuss articles from the scientific literature; (3) Interpret scientific articles, and learn the most advanced literature on dispersal.Each student will present one or two discussions during the semester by introducing the topic, highlighting the main points, and bringing in questions to promote discussion with the rest of the class. All students are expected to read the assigned weekly materials in advance to contribute to the discussion.

Please see attached dispersal_paradigm_outline_spr2009-1 for more information.

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Congratulations to Mo-Yin S. Tam for her appointment in the Provost’s Office: as Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.  

Mo-Yin Tam is a Professor of Economics in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and has served as Interim Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs for the last year.  Prior to becoming Interim Vice Provost, she served as Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs beginning in 2000, and in this capacity was a member of the steering team that prepared UIC for its 2007 North Central Association (NCA) reaccreditation.  As PI of Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST), Dr. Tam leads a $3.3 million NSF ADVANCE IT grant project to increase recruitment and retention of women in the STEM disciplines.

Dr. Tam’s long history of service to UIC has included appointments as a faculty fellow of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Interim Head of the Department of Information and Decision Sciences in the College of Business Administration, and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Business Administration.  As Associate Dean, Dr. Tam led the College in gaining AACSB reaccreditation in 1997.   She also helped to found the UIC Asian MBA programs, which now have more than 1,000 graduates holding leadership positions in government, business and finance both in the U.S. and China.  Dr. Tam’s research interests include econometric studies of the impact of diversity on student achievement, underrepresentation of women in the sciences, and the gender salary gap. She has published numerous research articles and reports in top journals and has presented her research extensively in the U.S., Europe and China. 

Dr. Tam succeeds former Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Mrinalini (Meena) Rao, who left the position to become Vice President for Academic Affairs for the University of Illinois system last July.  

WISEST Facilitator News

Bhama Srinivasan is a co-organizer of the research program "Repesentation Theory of Finite Groups" at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, January-May 2008. As a part of the program she organized, along with Monica Vazirani of UCDavis, a "Connections for Women" workshop, January 16-18, 2008. About 60 women (and some men} participated in the workshop, which consisted of scientific lectures, two panel discussions, and a film on European women in mathematics. Networking among women was an important aspect of the workshop.

WISEST 2007-08 Leadership Seminar

WISEST Leadership Seminar Presents Dr. Bob Drago, Thursday February 28, 2008 at University Hall Room 2850.  More information.


The 2008-09 WISER Fund applications are now available.  Deadline is December 8, 2008. More information.


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Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST)

The goal of the WISEST Initiative is to increase the number, participation, and leadership status of women — majority and minority — in academic science and engineering through institutional transformation at UIC.