U I C WISEST - Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation

Qualitative Evaluation

Qualitative Evaluation

The broad purpose of the qualitative data gathering effort was to assess the impact of the WISEST initiative across the STEM departments from the perspective of the three key stakeholder groups: STEM women faculty, Heads of the STEM Departments, and the WISEST facilitators Additionally, the qualitative evaluation was conducted to gain a broad understanding of the ways in which WISEST initiatives and policies are perceived, implemented, and practiced at the local levels of individual STEM departments.

Baseline Assessment

At the end of year one the qualitative data served as a needs assessment of the WISEST efforts, identified issues that needed to be addressed and modifications that needed to be made to specific program initiatives. Interviews were conducted with STEM women faculty and Heads of the Stem Departments. WISEST facilitators participated in focus groups.

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Download a report on baseline interviews with the Postdoctoral associates

Mid-Grant Follow-up

At the end of year three the qualitative data collection serves as a mid-grant assessment of the WISEST program, identifies the successes and failures of the program, and provides perspectives on changes that have come about as a result of the WISEST program. Interviews were conducted with STEM women faculty and department facilitators will receive an online survey. The perspectives of Heads of Stem Departments will also be solicited.

Qualitative Assessment of Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The purpose of the qualitative evaluation of the WISEST postdoctoral fellowship program was to get a baseline assessment of the needs and expectations of the WISEST postdoctoral fellows.

Follow up interviews were conducted with the WISEST postdoctoral fellows at the end of their second year of the program to assess their experiences and to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the program. Additionally, an online survey of WISEST postdoctoral mentors was also conducted to assess this component of the program.

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Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST)

The goal of the WISEST Initiative is to increase the number, participation, and leadership status of women — majority and minority — in academic science and engineering through institutional transformation at UIC.