U I C WISEST - Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation


The Women in Science and Engineering Research (WISER) Fund, is part of the larger Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST) Project at UIC and supported by the NSF ADVANCE IT Award. The Fund has been created to help tenure-track faculty stay on track for their research after significant life-altering events.  Such transitions may include but are not limited to:
•    Childbirth;
•    Adoption;
•    Eldercare;
•    Family illness;
•    Personal illness.
Within the announced application year,  the WISER Fund will also  accept applications from junior (assistant and associate)  women STEM faculty members to support their research needs, including travel to conferences, and the purchase of lab supplies. This expanded use of WISER funds supports WISEST’s commitment to the retention of STEM faculty.

The application deadline for the 2009/2010 year will be announced.

WISER Funds will be available for faculty in the 11 science and engineering departments that are the focus of the WISEST Initiative, specifically:

College of Engineering               
Chemical Engineering
Civil and Materials Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Biological Sciences
Earth & Environmental Science
Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science

WISER Funds are meant to further the advancement of women in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in support of the WISEST goal of increasing the number, participation, and leadership status of women in academic science and engineering through institutional transformation at the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Use of Funds:
WISER Funds may support a range of activities and are meant to be flexible. They may be used for release-time, conference travel, research related travel, research supplies, or towards the cost of a Research Assistant or Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Funding Amount:
Applicants are encouraged to combine this funding with other UIC support policies such as family medical leave and the new career and life- friendly policies: Automatic Tenure Hold (effective August, 2008) and the new Modified Service Duties policy (effective January, 2009).
Selection Committee:
The WISEST Executive Committee will review all applications and select the award recipients.  The award will be administered by WISEST with the Center for Research on Women and Gender.

Application Process:
1.    Inform your WISEST Department Facilitator (see list below) and Head  of your intent to apply;

2.    Complete the Wiser Fund Application including the Cover page (all application packages must include): Application for WISER Fund,  Date,  Name of Applicant, Rank, College,  Department,  type of WISER Fund award requested, and Amount of Request.  Attach the cover page to the  Statement of Need described in 3;
3.    Complete the Statement of Need (2 pages maximum) and Budget sections :
•    Type of transition (life cycle or career) faced/experienced
•    How this transition will affect/has affected your research
•    Amount of award requested
•    How this funding will be used to advance your research
•    How WISER Funds will advance women in science and engineering

4.    Submit an electronic application package with a  Cover Page, Statement of Need, Budget , CV with funding record, and  letter of support from your department head to:

Linda Siebert Rapoport WISEST Director

1.    Awardees will acknowledge WISER Fund support for all funded activities.
2.    Awardees must submit a brief synopsis on the use of WISER Fund support at the end of the academic year and agree to have the justification for the award and outcome appear on the UIC and WISEST website, in reports, and in WISEST communications.

WISEST Department Facilitators:
College of Engineering                   
BioE    Mike Stroscio
ChemE    Ludwig Nitsche
CME    Michael McNallan
CS    Isabel Cruz           
ECE    Sharad Laxpati
MIE    Constantine Megaridis

Biological Sciences     Mary Ashley
Chemistry    Luke Hanley       
Earth & Environ      Roy Plotnick
Mathematics     Bhama Srinivasan
Physics         Mark Adams

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Women in Science and Engineering System Transformation (WISEST)

The goal of the WISEST Initiative is to increase the number, participation, and leadership status of women — majority and minority — in academic science and engineering through institutional transformation at UIC.