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Instructions for All Graduate Applicants

Applying for admission to the Graduate program

By choosing to complete this online application, you have made an important decision about your higher education. After reading the following carefully, fill out the application completely and accurately, and submit all required credentials, so that your application can be evaluated.

Important Information about Graduate Admissions:

Most programs require additional credentials. Consult the programs regarding additional credentials and send them directly to the program of interest. If the program requires a standardized test, you must request that your test scores be sent to UIC by the testing agency. See Educational Testing Service. Examples of credentials required by graduate programs include: test scores; letters of recommendation; portfolio; personal statement; writing samples; etc.

UIC offers students the opportunity to pursue more than one graduate degree at the same time, either through one of our approved joint degree programs, or through concurrent enrollment in more than one program. Approved joint degree programs share a certain number of courses that are used for both degrees. Currently offered joint degree programs are the MBA/MS Accounting; MBA/MA Economics; MBA/MS Management Information Systems; MBA/MS Nursing; MPH/MS Nursing; MS Nursing/MS Health Informatics; DDS/MPH Public Health; MBA/MPH Public Health; MD/MPH Public Health; PharmD/PhD Pharmacy; and MD/PhD. (Applicants to the MD/PhD program should not use this application. This program requires a special application form that is available from the College of Medicine.) Only one application fee per term is required. Applicants who wish to apply to more than one degree program must submit a separate application for each program involved, even if applying to an approved joint degree program. If you are planning to pursue more than one degree simultaneously, please indicate this in the Planned Course of Study Section in the application.

Be sure to give your name and University Identification Number on all correspondence.

A transcript is considered "official" only when it is mailed directly from the records office at a given school, college, or university to UIC's Office of Admissions or Graduate Department (see specific Graduate Program instructions). Transcripts marked "Issued to student" are considered official only if they are received in a sealed envelope from that school.

This application is valid only for the term for which you are applying. If you do not enroll for that term and wish to apply for a different term, a new application, credentials and fee need to be submitted. Admitted applicants may defer their admission with the permission of the program (see above) and incomplete applicants may change their term by contacting the Graduate Admissions Office (see address at the bottom of the page).

Any changes (name, address, college, etc.) after the submission of the Online Application should be sent in writing to the Office of Admissions.

All documents must be originals (faxed or unofficial documents cannot be accepted). All documents submitted to UIC for admission purposes become property of the University. They cannot be released to students or forwarded to other educational institutions or agencies.

Specific Graduate College requirements:

A. Completion of a baccalaureate degree (or an acceptable equivalent) from an approved institution; some programs also require a professional school degree or certification (see Graduate Program Summary section).

B. Undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.75 (A= 4.00) for the final 60 semester (90 quarter) hours of baccalaureate study, including all of the work taken in the term in which the student began the final 60 semester hours of study (programs may require a higher GPA). A cumulative grade point average obtained for all work completed beyond the baccalaureate will also be computed and considered, if applicable.

C. A graduate college program will make a recommendation for admission to the Graduate College to which application is made. All Graduate College program recommendations are subject to final approval by the Graduate College.