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Apply Online - DPT

This page is designed to aid Doctorate of Physical Therapy applicants applying online. We highly recommend you follow each step carefully. Mistakes can delay the processing of your application. Please keep this reference page open as you proceed through the application process.

Application Steps and Tips

1. Read the Admission Requirements. Please take note of the application deadline dates and program information.

2. Determine the application fee payment method from below.

  1. If paying by credit card (Master Card or Visa):
    1. Enter the credit card number, expiration date, and the billing address. Note: If there is no applicable zip/postal code because the credit card is of international origin, please enter "00000" in the zip/postal code field.
    2. Submit and verify the information. After verifying the information click on "Okay to Submit Payment."
    3. After successful payment, press the Signature Page button. The Signature (confirmation) Page does not need to be mailed to UIC. This completes the online application process.
  2. If paying by check or money order, choose the "Pay Later" option. Print the Payment Page and mail it along with the appropriate fee.

3. Submit any Requirements and Additional Documentation.

4. Before proceeding, determine if you are a Domestic or International Applicant.

Domestic - an applicant who fits into any of these categories:

  • U.S. Citizen (born or naturalized)
  • U.S. Permanent Resident (must submit a copy of your permanent resident card)
  • Adjustment in Status (submitted application for permanent residency)
  • Asylee(must submit documentation)
  • Refugee(must submit documentation)
  • Non-citizen - Status Identified
    You fit into this category if you can answer yes to all of the following:
    • a) Did/will you graduate from an Illinois high school or attain a GED in Illinois?
    • b) Did/will you attend school in Illinois for at least 23 years during K-12?
    • c) Did/will you live with your parents while you attended school in Illinois?
  • Paroled in Public Interest
  • Non-citizen - Other (other categories do not apply to you)

International - an applicant who is a citizen or permanent resident alien of a country or political area other than the United States and who has a residence outside the United States to which he or she expects to return and either is, or proposes to be, a temporary alien in the United States for educational purposes. Any applicant who holds a VISA or who is a citizen or resident of any country other than the United States falls under the International Applicant category.

5. Start the web application

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