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CAD STANDARDS - May 1, 2009

The purpose of this document is to define OCP's CAD requirements. The document establishes standards that are to be used as guidelines for our own in-house CAD operators and for outside architectural and engineering firms that are retained by the University. As you will notice, we have taken existing AIA standards, and modified them slightly for the University's use.

Since this is a living and growing document, it will undergo many revisions before it matures. This fact means that when an outside professional firm is awarded a University architecture or engineering project, the firm needs to secure, or check for, the latest copy of OCP's CAD standards.

In the event that you have any questions or suggestions regarding these standards, please call the Office for Capital Programs at (312) 996-5007.

All drawing files submitted to the University of Illinois at Chicago Office for Capital Programs, CAD Section (and, in some cases, Facilities Management) by outside architectural/engineering firms shall follow these standards.


UIC CAD Standards in PDF format

Appendices L and M

For additional information, contact:

Peggy Schneider
CAD Specialist
Office for Capital Programs/FIM (M/C 892)
135 PSB

phone: 312-996-7069
Email: peggys@uic.edu