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04 00 00 MASONRY

  • Provide mortar net in cavity walls with weeps at 24" o.c. Weep rope or honeycomb blocks are to be used.
  • Back parge cavity walls.
  • Provide full head joints.
  • Steel plates at lintels shall be held ½" away from masonry jamb opening.
  • Through wall flashing to be "IPCO" type stainless steel drip edge. All flashing to be dammed at ends and weeped.
  • Chicago common brick should not be used.
  • Provide horizontal control joints at a minimum of every other floor.
  • Only pre-bagged factory batch mix mortar will be allowed. No field mix allowed.
  • For stone work, use non-staining mortar and grout.
  • Minimize horizontal masonry surfaces.
  • Avoid long continuous steel shelf angles. Fill 1/2 inch clearance with highly compressible "Styrofoam" to prevent mortar from entering clearance slot.
  • Consider using reinforced masonry lintels in place of steel lintels.
  • Only concave mortar joints will be allowed. Raked mortar joints are specifically prohibited.
  • Provide continuous control joints as recommended by the Brick Institute Standards. Control joints are to be at the masonry head joints.
  • Lintels to be hot dipped galvanized.
  • Vent all cavity walls, top and bottom.
  • All masonry openings are to be modular.
  • The use of brick below finished grade is not allowed.