Welcome UIC SUSI Alumni, 1990-2010!

Welcome alumni of the UIC Study of the United States Institute (formerly known as the Fulbright American Studies Instiute). You've arrived at that legendary locale, the Virtual Institute, and we hope you will both use and contribute materials. At the top you'll find the Research tab where you'll find diverse resources we're offering. Rather than explaining each one here, we'd like to urge that you bounce around and become familiar with its geography, as you did with the real Chicago during your first days here—but with guidance, of course!

However, don't forget that you are contributors as well as recipients of the continuing conversations here. In the Curricular Tools section, for example, you'll find lesson plans and syllabi for courses, and we hope that you'll provide examples of your ideas and solutions so that others can benefit from your ideas. If you want to start a real discussion, the place to do so is the Discussion Forum, which may take a little time to master, but will offer opportunities to query your fellows, send greetings and discuss with alumni of other years. Before you can begin posting messages, you'll need to send us an e-mail so we can add you to the list of contributors.

Remember, too, that if you need resources or have ideas that you think we can offer help with, send us your requests and we'll do our best to supply what you need.

When it comes to pictures and memorabilia, of course, we hope you'll be especially active, sending us digital pictures from your own cameras to round out the ones we've taken, at the Institute's Chicago home or on the tours. We'll post the pictures you send to our Photo Gallery and any news updates in the Alumni Affairs section.

There's more to share and we hope we'll continue to expand and update—so return regularly.

Eric Arnesen and Peter Hales
SUSI Co-Directors, 2008-2010