Alumni Affairs

1 June 2011

To all our SUSI Alumni, 2010 and before — WAY before

All my friends in all your countries:

I wanted to send you news about UIC’s SUSI program and faculty.

For the first time in 18 years, UIC was not awarded the grant to host the 2011 Institute. Considering that institutes are only supposed to be funded for three years, with six the general maximum allowed, we have done pretty well! Of course we’re heartbroken not to be in front of a new group of 30 excited, knowledgeable, and committed participants. But Kevin and I are committed to reapplying next year — and the year after, and until we are back on track. Stan, too, is enthusiastic.

But it will be a different Institute! Kevin has taken over as director, and I have stepped away to be a faculty member and advisor. Kevin’s energy, knowledge, and commitment, are more like mine was back in the 1980s, when this adventure first started. Stan is committed to continuing to teach, but his Institute for Social Justice has been taking off, and a charter school will be coming soon, not to mention all the certification and training workshops he’s been doing on mentoring for African-American men. Chris has retired from UIC, though I suspect he’ll be teaching for a while, and will certainly come back to lecture for us as needed. And Eric, too, is eager to offer his services from Washington, DC.

No longer hosting current SUSI programs at UIC has no effect on UIC’s SUSI Alumni programs, which shouldn’t be any the less lively as a result. The Facebook pages are actively used and groups are meeting, virtually and in physical form, all over the world. I urge you to start to use the site, if you want to post ideas and essays (contact External Education to gain access as a contributor). I’ve just started moving my own blogs on America to a more appropriate location, and I hope to continue a lively conversation. The site for the expanding array of the fabled “Hales bus lectures” is:

I’ll be up at the farm this summer, finishing the last little details of Outside the Gates: Uneasy America, from Hiroshima to Half Life, which is in the design stages and will be out over the next year. Then I’ll be back at UIC teaching, though in a new role. More on that later.

Peter Hales