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You thought you'd never manage to get those suitcases and boxes up the stairs, into the office, unpacked and filed. Well: here's more for you, but this time it's as light as air and as fast as your internet connection. Click on the buttons to the left and you'll get the materials you seek.

Visual Documents and Resources

One of the articles of faith in our Institute is the value of visual documents to keep student interest and stimulate discussion. As we pointed out during the Institute, visual aids can also serve to encourage the use of language skills and the development of both linguistic and intellectual sophistication. The topics contained include:

Native America

Colonial America

Expansion and Empire: Manifest Destiny and Progress, 1776-1893

Reforming America 1878-1920

Prosperity, Depression, and War 1920-1945

Postwar Cultures of Hope and Fear 1945-1975

Contemporary America

Literary Documents and Rescources

Though you probably thought you'd never read all the materials you brought home, Chris Messenger and the other faculty members have been thinking of other literary sources and resources you might find useful—to read for yourself, or to assign to your students or use in class.

Political and Legal Documents and Resources

Stan Howard has more legal cases for you! And of course you need websites where you can access everything from the Declaration of Independence to the latest Republican Party political advertisement.

Cultural Documents and Resources

What is culture, anyway, once you remove visual arts, photography, literature, politics and law? This is the page for all those other things, including music, geography, theory, and the like.

Pedagogical Documents and Resources

This is where you can find, donate, and share, lesson plans, syllabi, course descriptions, and other purely teacherly resources. Some of these are drawn from American teaching sites, but we're hoping you'll provide materials more fully appropriate to the international flavor of the Institute, and the often-different needs you have, teaching in very different circumstances.

Scholastic Magazine is a resource for teachers from elementary through grade 12, and it includes many surprising and useful materials, including lesson plans and conversations with teachers.

For Teachers: Scholastic Resourcesis Scholastic Magazine's contribution to the teaching profession.

American Children Report on the 2004 Elections