UIC Office of International Affairs


Awardees by Academic Year

IDF AY12-13 Awardees:

  1. Ali Djalilian and Amir Mehralian- Ophthalmology- “An ophthalmology telemedicine program for developing countries using a Panoptic Ophthalmocope”
  2. Mark Dworkin- Biostatistics and Epidemiology- “Toward Improving Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) Adherence of HIV/AIDS Patients Presenting in Hyderadbad, Andhra Pradesh”
  3. Beate Geissler- Art and Design- “Exhibition exchange program”
  4. Geraldine Gorman- College of Nursing- “Exploratory Site Visit to Emergency’s Hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan”
  5. Brian Murphy- Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy- “Collaborative Drug-lead discovery program between UIC and University of Iceland”
  6. 6.     David Ucker- Microbiology and Immunology- “Apoptotic mimicry by Leishmania amazonensis: the role of glycolytic enzyme exposure.”
  7. Ara Tekian- Medical Education- “Collaboration with Vietnamese Medical Schools”
  8. Jesus Ramirez-Valles- Community Health Sciences- “Cuernavaca: Global Perspectives in Community Development”
  9. Alexander Yarin- Mechanical and Industrial Engineering- “Strengthening and Extesntion of Collaboration with the Korea University in Seoul, South Korea”

IDF AY11-12 Awardees:

  1. Maarten Bosland- Pathology- “Exploration of Potential for Research, Educational, and Clinical Collaborations with the Komfo Anyoke Teaching Hospital and the School of Medical Sciences of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana”
  2. Lin Li- Mechanical & Industrial Engineering- “International Collaboration Initialization with Chinese Universities in Engineering”
  3. Janet Lin- Emergency Medicine- “Delmas Medical Clinic Project”
  4. Darryl Pendleton- Dentistry- “International Travel to Sun Yat Sen University, China”
  5. Nuriya Robinson- Obstetrics & Gynecology- “Reducing Postpartum Hemorrhage and Maternal Mortality through the use of Misoprostol”
  6. Lawrence Zeidman- Neurology & Rehabilitation- “Neuroscience in Nazi Europe”

IDF AY10-11 Awardees:

  1. Suresh Aggarwal- Mechanical & Industrial Engineering- “Development of an International Research Program on Clean Energy”
  2. Arkalgud Ramaprasad- Information and Decision Sciences- “Ontological Analysis and Design with Ariel La Paz, Chile”
  3. Andrew Dykens- Family Medicine- “Peace Care Senegal: Impacting Community Health through Collaborative Workforce Development”
  4. Chisina Kapungu- Obstetrics and Gynecology- “A Continuum of Care Model for Postpartum Hemorrhage: Implementing Misoprostol and the Blood Collection Drape in the Millenium Villages, Bonsaaso Cluster, Ghana”

IDF Spring/ Summer 2008 Awardees:

  1. Gloria Balague- Psychology- "Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Conference and Website"
  2. Ernesto Bongarzone- Anatomy and Cell Biology- "First Pan-American Conference on Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration"
  3. Aoshuang Chen- Biomedical Sciences- "Joint Research Program with a Chinese Laboratory for Developing Vaccines for Autoimmune Disease"
  4. Yasen Peyankov- Performing Arts- "Theatre Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria"

IDF- Fall 2007- Awardees:

1.  Brent Braveman- Occupational Therapy- "Development of Exchange Program with the Cuban National Center for Prevention of STDs/ HIV/ AIDS"
2.  Susan Cahill- Occupational Therapy- "OTD International Fieldwork Program"
3.  Geraldine Gorman- Public Health- "Collaborative Partnership with Emergency's Nicaraguan Project"
4.  An Li- Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences- "Strengthening of Collaboration in International Research on Environmental Health"
5.  Soejarto- Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy- "Deveopment of a new ICBG Consortium 2008-2013"
6.  Watson- Neurosurgery- "Clinical Research Collaborative Exchange"

IDF- Spring 2006 Recipients:

1.  Sudipta Misra- Clinical Pediatrics- "Double Blind Clinical Trial of Lactobacillus GG in infants with acute diarrhea"
2.  Stephen Guggenheim- Earth & Environmental Sciences- "Crystallization of membrane proteins by using modified clay minerals as nucleation sites"
3.  Gnanasekar Munirathinam- Biomedical Sciences- "Initiation of an international collaboration for preclinical studies for testing a vaccine against lymphatic filariasis"
4.  Leslie Nickels- Public Health Division of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences- "Public Health Training and Research Collaboration in South Africa"
5.  Andrei Gartel- Medicine/ Hepatology- "Trip to Moscow, Russia to collaborate on evaluation of a novel anticancer drug ARC"

IDF- Spring 2005 Recipients

1.  Joel Palka- Anthropology and Latin American & Latino Studies- "Initiating International Collaborative Research and Education in Chiapas, Mexico"
2.  Laura Junker- Anthropology- "Agriculture and Craft Production in a 12th- 16th Century Philippine Chiefdom:  Archaeological Excavations in the Tanjay Region, Negros Oriental, Philippines"
3.  Yolanda Miranda- Mechanical & Industrial Engineering- "Recruiting Spaniards to UIC"
4.  John Betancur- Urban Planning and Policy- "Formal launch of exchange program between CUPPA/UIC and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Columbia"
5.  Claudia Morrissey- Center for Research on Women and Gender, OVCR- "Reproductive and Sexual Health Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine"
6.  Max Brito- Medicine/ Infectious Diseases- "Dominican Republic Scientific Exchange Program"
7.  Hannah Higgins- Art History- "Venice Biennale Travel Course"
8.  Irma Olmedo- Education- Curriculum & Instruction- "Bilingualism and English Language Teaching in Cross Cultural Contexts"
9.  Wolfgang Boerner- Electrical & Computer Engineering- "UIC-ECE/CSN Collaboration with R&D Centers of Pacific East-Asia and Europe"