UIC Office of International Affairs

Funding for Activities in Asia and Oceania

The American Institute of Indian Studies offers funding in the following categories: Junior Research Fellowship, Senior Research Fellowships, Senior Scholarly Development Fellowships, Senior Performing Arts Fellowships.

The Japan-United States Friendship Commission. Supports Study of the United States in Japan. The Japan-United States Friendship Commission will provide support for scholarly conferences and seminars that foster development of the study of the United States in Japanese higher education.

Abe Fellowship Program/Social Science Research Council (SSRC). Supports postdoctoral research on contemporary policy-relevant issues. Designed to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern to Japan and the United States.

Japan Foundation. Numerous grants and fellowships for many types of exchanges and programs with Japan.

Fellowships in Korean Studies. The Korea Society sponsors small groups of educators who would like to include Korea in their teaching, research or writing.