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International and Area Studies Programs

The Language and Culture Learning Center

(LCLC) improves language learning and teaching at UIC by

The School of Literatures, Cultural Studies, and Linguistics

serves as the administrative umbrella over the following departments and programs:

Asian Studies at UIC

is an actively growing interdisciplinary curricula that currently offers an undergraduate minor. Students choosing to minor in Asian Studies may select Asia-related courses from a number of different departments and programs. These may include Anthropology, Art History, Chinese, Communications, History, Japanese, Sociology, Gender and Women's Studies, and others.

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The Latin American and Latino Studies Program

is an academic program that offers undergraduate and graduate courses on Latin America and Latinos in the United States. An interdisciplinary program with its own faculty, it focuses on Latin American history and politics, and culture and the migration and development of Latino/as in the United States, with emphasis on Chicago and the Midwest.

In addition, the program cross-lists related courses in departments such as Economics, Anthropology, Political Science, Art History, Literature (Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English), and History. A large number of courses are available to students covering topics as diverse as pre-Hispanic Archaeology, the forest, Indians of Brazil, race and ethnicity in the New World, Spanish history, development and dependency in Latin America, Mexican, Caribbean and South American history, U.S. foreign policy towards Latin America, Latino social movements in the U.S. and Latino community development.

Classics and Mediterranean Studies

The field of Classics and Mediterranean Studies encompasses the cultures of Ancient Greece, Rome, and the Arab world - their languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, religions, arts, and archaeology. Studies in this field are inherently interdisciplinary and can touch upon many other subjects, ranging from drama to astronomy, from mythology to geography, from sciences to gender studies, from philology to literary criticism, from political theory to sociology and anthropology - a complete liberal arts education in a single department.

UIC's International Studies minor

challenges you to investigate global issues from a variety of perspectives. The minor, designed to complement an undergraduate major field of study, consists of twenty-one semester hours that must be international in overall content. Students interested in pursuing the minor must select a faculty adviser from the members of the LAS International Studies Advisory Committee. Please note that while courses may fulfill both major and the minor field requirements, credit hours may only be allocated to one or the other.
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The Jewish Studies Program at UIC

promotes teaching and research regarding the experience of the Jewish people and culture from Biblical times to the present. The program regularly offers courses in Jewish languages and in both introductory and advanced Jewish Studies courses in the humanities and the social sciences. The program offers students the opportunity to minor in Jewish Studies.
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