Prospective Student Portal:

UIC will be implementing the Prospective Student Portal which is a portal for prospective students both undergraduate and graduate students (Graduate College Programs). The portal will provide information from a recruit stage to being admitted at UIC.

The portal will contain information about UIC, application process with instructions, admission status (missing credentials, including departmental checklist items). The portal is on a Luminis platform provided by Ellucian. UIC will eventually be moving all faculty, staff and students to this platform sometime in 2013.


Major Milestones and Timeline:

# Topic Date Status
1. Prospective Student Portal Test Environment May, 2012 Completed
2. PSP Planning Session with Ellucian May 30-31, 2012 Completed
3. PSP Content Build June - July, 2012 Completed
4. College Content Planning and Build July, 2012
5. UIC OSSS and AITS PSP Content Administration Training July 24,26, 2012
6. College Content complete and reviewed July 30, 2012
7. PSP in production August 5, 2012
8. PSP Review by OSSS Complete August 14, 2012
9. Banner Relationship Management Portal Invite Campaign Launched August 27, 2012
10. Overview of the PSP and Common Application Process September, 2012


Prospective Student Portal and Common Application Presentation