OSSS Current Projects

  1. Coordinating the campus teams, tasks, and testing for the Banner 8.5.1 upgrade.

  2. BRM and RAP – Managing the campus implementation of BRM including creating the funnels, campaigns, expressions, and templates for the Spring, Summer and Fall 2013 terms. Work on RAP implementation continues through Fall 2012, with Prospective Student Portal (PSP) implementation planned for August 2012.

  3. Intent to Enroll Graduate – Automated acceptance of offer. It is a tracking system and automated Banner update including an enrollment deposit version.

  4. Transitioning UIC’s placement tests to on-line test delivery – This is a joint project with AITS, and is currently in the investigation phase. A rewrite of the testing registration portlet in my.UIC will be necessary once the testing tool is determined. Scheduled for new students in Fall 2013.

  5. Block Scheduling Investigation – Investigating solutions for use by colleges to define and enforce scheduling blocks of core courses in a way that complements existing student registration methods.

  6. UI Admission enhancements – Three-campus project to improve UI’s Banner Web for Admissions application process, to be implemented for Fall 2013 applications.

  7. Graduate Document Upload (electronic submission of supporting materials for admissions applications) – Investigation and short term solution will be developed for the Fall 2013 cycle.

  8. Catalog Tool Investigation – Three-campus project to obtain a vended application that will store both program of study and course information for the online catalog for each campus.

  9. Common Application - UIC will be moving all undergraduate Admissions processing into the Common Application for the Fall 2013 incoming class.