Illinois Prevention Research Center: Partnering to Promote Health in Urban Communities


Robin Mermelstein, the center's principal investigator, has ultimate authority and accountability for the activities of the IPRC. The Community Committee and Community Advisory Boards work together and with the IPRC leadership at UIC to create, implement, and evaluate the overall activities of the IPRC.

In addition to the principal investigator and chairs of the advisory committees, IPRC leadership comprises co-investigators Laurie Ruggiero, Michael Berbaum, William Baldyga, and Karen Peters.

Also participating in the center's leadership are Emily Anderson, IPRC project director; Daisy Cintron, program director; and Veronica Johnston, the director of communications for the Institute for Health Research and Policy.

Formal reporting relationships between IPRC staff, principal and co-investigators are summarized in the organizational chart.

IPRC organizational chart
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Solid lines denote actual supervisory relationships that transcend the IPRC. Dotted lines denote reporting relationships that are specific to the IPRC (e.g., tenure-track faculty have reporting relationships to their respective department chairs). This chart, however, does not capture the fluidity of communications that occurs among members of the IPRC leadership team.

Community partners work directly with various IPRC-designated leaders, depending on the activity. Communication with Community Advisory Board members is through the CAB chair, Mr. Rico.

Collage of active community members