Illinois Prevention Research Center: Partnering to Promote Health in Urban Communities



National Meetings and Conferences

Peters, Karen, Sergio C. Cristancho, Diana Marcela Garces, Adriana Bautista, Emilio P. Araujo, Benito Luna, Cathy Bless, Flora Chacon, Aurelia Zaragoza, Gilda Madrid, Carla Raynor, Alan Kulczewski. Acculturation, mental health, and chronic diseases: findings from the Mentes Sanas, Cuerpos Sanos (Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies) Hispanic/Latino immigrant project. Invited presentation at: The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; September 28, 2009; Atlanta.

Peters, Karen, Benjamin Mueller, Diana Marcela Garces, Sergio Cristancho. Evaluating community capacity building using a participatory partnership approach: lessons from a collaboration with rural latino communities. Paper presented at: Annual Conference of the American Evaluation Association; November 5-8, 2008; Denver.

Peters, Karen, Benjamin Mueller, Diana Marcela Garces, Sergio Cristancho. What needs to be included in ‘healthy heart’ community programs? programmatic recommendations from rural hispanic immigrants Paper presented at: Annual Conference of the American Public Health Association; October 25-29, 2008; San Diego.

Peters, Karen, Lora Oswald, R. Malinowksi, Diana Marcela Garces, Sergio Cristancho, Benjamin Mueller, Linda Kaste. Participatory approaches to addressing community health issues: The San Jose de Ocoa, Dominican Republic partnership, a formative province-based assessmen. Presentation at the Session entitled: “Collaborations and priorities for health services and health education: local partnerships and lessons from Colombia and the United States of America”. Presented at: Towards Unity for Health Annual Conference; September 27–October 2, 2008; Bogotá, Colombia.

Baldyga, William. The road not taken (often enough). Paper presented at: the University of Illinois at Chicago; February 29, 2008; Chicago.

Grigsby-Toussaint, Diana, Laurie Ruggiero, Noel Chavez, Rebecca Lipton. Does Risk for Childhood Diabetes Vary by Community Area in Chicago? (693k pdf Adobe Acrobat) Poster presented at: Population Association of America Annual Meeting; March 30, 2007; New York.

Baldyga, William. Essentials of grant writing. Paper presented at: MCH Management Academy; December 5, 2007; Sprinfield.

Ruggiero, Laurie, Maria Rodriguez-Sanchez, Sue Oros. Translating the Diabetes Prevention Program's (DPP) Lifestyle Intervention to the Community: Making The Connection Latino Pilot Study. Poster Presented at: American Diabetes Association Annual Meeting; June 23, 2007; Chicago.


IPRC Community Forum

Presented at: IPRC Community Forum; September 1, 2004; Holy Cross Hospital, Chicago

Collage of active community members