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What is the Application Deadline?

The complete application is due no later than 5 pm, Monday, March 31, 2014 using the online application process.

How do I know what scholarships I qualify for?

The answers you provide on the online application will indicate those Student Affairs scholarships for which you may qualify. These qualifications are subject to verification by the Scholarship Review Committees for each award. In order to get a sense of the scholarships that you may be eligible for, please refer to the listing of qualifications on the website.

How do I know what supplementary and/or additional materials I should provide?

Each scholarship has its own specific requirements and materials for review. Please look at the page for each specific scholarship. All required supplementary content relating to each scholarship, such as essays, personal statements, recommendations, etc., will be requested during the application process.

Do I have to apply for each scholarship separately?

Steps have been taken to make the scholarship application process as broadly applicable as possible. For instance, each scholarship that evaluates out-of-class involvement in leadership and community activities will only need to be filled out once. Each scholarship requires that you certify the information you are submitting is complete and truthful. You will be prompted to provide any additional materials specific to each scholarship. If you have submitted information, the system will hold it and not require you to resubmit it when the same document is needed.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

Questions should be sent to ovcsa@uic.edu.

Can I save my application online and return to it later?

Yes. During the application process, you will be able to save your application before final submission. We strongly encourage each student to write out essays on Microsoft Word, then cut and paste your work into the form after carefully reviewing and revising your work.

Will my writing skills be evaluated?

Yes, one of the elements under evaluation is the strength of a candidate's communication ability. Students are encouraged to express themselves with clarity, precision and grammatical accuracy.

What if I submitted the wrong information on the online application?

We encourage you to take great care in assembling your application. You should only submit your application once you are completely finished, have reviewed all of your work and are certain that content is correct.

When will I hear if I have received a scholarship?

All efforts will be made to communicate the results of the applications by the end of the spring semester. Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application via standard U.S. mail.

If I receive a scholarship, will it affect my overall financial aid package?

All scholarships received may impact your overall financial aid package. Consultation with the Office of Student Financial Aid will be done prior to the distribution of any monetary award.

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