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Committee Members


Mark Manderino

Student Engagement Assessment Director

Rob Rouzer

Associate Vice Chancellor for Auxiliary Services

Committee Members: 2013-14

Nick Ardinger

Assistant Director, Marketing & Assessment
Campus Housing

Paula Benton-Pierce

Manager of the Student Learning Resource Center
African American Academic Network

Jose DeLeon

College Teacher
Academic Center for Excellence

Carrie Grogan

Associate Director
Campus Programs

Jennifer Kass

Assistant Director
Office of Career Services

Jason Maslanka

Campus Auxiliary Services Information Technology

Ray Mitic

Associate Director
Office of International Services

Jill Rothamer-Wallenfeldt

The UIC Experience

Cathy Stoutner

Associate Director
Retail Operations

Jessica Stewart

Associate Director
Student Development Services

Lynn Thompson

Associate Director, Programs & Services
Campus Recreation

Philip Vasquez

Associate Director
Student Development Services

Annette Wright

Assistant Dean of Students, Student Veteran Affairs
Office of the Dean of Students

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