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Student Surveys

CIRP Survey of UIC New Freshmen

The Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) conducts an annual survey of first-time‚ full-time freshmen at colleges and universities across the country. The survey includes questions on such topics as high school activities‚ college choice‚ educational aspirations‚ and paying for college.

The Freshman Survey has been administered at UIC in 1999‚ 2000‚ 2001‚ 2002‚ and 2004. Summary results from the 1999 through 2004 administrations are available at the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) website at: http://www.oir.uic.edu/studentsurveys/CIRP.asp

Background  Academic Preparation   Educational Goals   Political Views
College Choice   High School Activities   College Expenses   Self-reported Ability

CSEQ Survey of Enrolled Students

The College Student Experiences Questionnaire (CSEQ) a national survey conducted by the Center for Postsecondary Research and Planning at Indiana University. Student Affairs administered the survey to a sample of enrolled students during Spring 2004.

Highlights from the survey can be viewed at the link in the upper part of the left column of this page.

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