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Unit Spotlight

Meetings‚ Conferences and Dining Services

Conference room in SCE

It is probable that everyone within OVCSA has attended a seminar or event in one of the many meeting spaces located within Student Center East (SCE)‚ Student Center West (SCW)‚ or the Student Services Building (SSB). Arriving as a guest for a meeting‚ one might not consider the planning necessary to properly implement the ideal setting being experienced. Colleagues from the Meetings‚ Conferences and Dining Services department focus on these details‚ so that guests feel welcomed in the environment rather than mindful of concerns.

The department works closely with UIC students‚ faculty and staff to produce hundreds of events during the academic year. Tailored consultation is provided to identify the appropriate facility‚ space‚ room layout‚ and audio visual support for each occasion. Well-versed in dining options‚ the team offers catering guidance for events that include a reception or banquet. The staff also works with clients who are not affiliated with the university. These UIC facilities may also be contracted by the public for programs and events such as camps and conferences. Facility details‚ request forms‚ and contact information are available online at http://www.meetings.vcsa.uic.edu.


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