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Feminist Resources

Feminist Activist Resources on the Net
This guide connects Feminists to useful internet resources, especially other indexes. It includes information on communicating with other feminists, current issues/news, women's organizations, an Activist Calendar, suggestions for action, and feminism fun and games.

FeMiNa provides women with a comprehensive, searchable directory of links to female-friendly sites and information on the World Wide Web. It claims to be the only website of its kind and offers new features such as Classifieds, Site Reviews, Woman's Site of the Week, and more.

Feminism and Women's Resources
This Canadian site offers listings of many of the feminism, women's studies, or women-related sources. They recently added hundreds of new links to this attractive site. Their categories include Women's Organizations; Women's Resources; Other Collections of Links; Other Organizations and Links of Interest; and On A Less Serious Note.

This site offers information on activism, health issues, articles, lists women owned businesses, and resources/links. They are an incubator for other organizations establishing a web presence. Their best feature is a database of thousands of resources around the nation for: Abortion, Adoption, AIDS, Baby Care, Battered Women, Birth Control, Child Abuse, Crisis Services, Eating Disorders, Health care practitioners, Women's Organizations/ Services, Youth, and more. Based on your city/state, the database generates names, numbers and addresses of the nearest resources, plus interactive maps of how to get there.

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Health Issues

NAMES Project AIDS International Memorial Quilt
The AIDS Memorial Quilt now numbers 45,000 panels to remember people who have been lost of HIV and AIDS. The site is graphic-intensive but well worth a visit. Compared to men, HIV disproportionately shortens the lifespan of women who are infected. Learn more about AIDS and remember those we have lost.

National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
Identifies resources for current information about breast cancer risk, detection, treatment and care, and awareness programs .

Women Care: Karen Lee's Virtual Clinic
This site is run by a nurse practitioner. She specializes in health needs of women over 40. Some of the features of this site include: 9 questions women Ask; What is a PAP test?; Breast self-examination; WWW resources for women; Hot Flash of the Month Club; and the MEN oh PAUSE Survival Kit.

Women's Health Interactive
This site offers a wholistic view of women's health. Learn from healthcare specialists, join a discussion group, or assess your own health!

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Ms. Net (sponsored by Ms. Magazine)
MSnet features provide information you need to wire into the women's community. Learn about women's herstory, politics, economics, education and health. This site is a little thin in content but it's coming along.

Women's Wire
This web magazine has daily changing articles. Recurrent sections include hot off the wire, daily dose of women in the news, fashion notebook, careers, health, domestic violence, fitness, books, finances,and the web and much more.

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Women's Organizations

American Association of University Women
Promotes education/equity for women & girls through research; fellowships and grants; activism; voter education; and support for sex discrimination lawsuits.

National Organization for Women (NOW)
This site has an activist focus, identifying key issues which demand your attention with suggestions on how to take action. It offers information about how to contact NOW, press releases, information on internships and job openings, the NOW Conference, and a search option for the site.

Women's International Center
A non-profit education and service foundation, their mission is to acknowledge, honor and encourage women. They celebrate women and their positive, enduring contributions to humanity through the Living Legacy Awards .

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Women's Studies

Chicana Studies Home Page
This site provides links to other Latina Web sites, conference announcements, and bibliographic resources

Feminism and Gender Studies
This site is part of the Philosophy Pages at Johns Hopkins. It mostly lists other sites broken down by indexes of women's sites and "general," the latter focusing on issues of ethics and philosphy.

National Women's History Project
This nonprofit educational organization has the goal of promoting gender equity through education about women's diverse lives and accomplishments. Their site offers information useful for Women's History Month observances including program ideas, listings of women's history performers, a resource catalog, and exemplary programs. They also provide "important history links."

Yahoo's Guide to Women's Studies
Yahoo offers another great set of links covering: Indices; Art; Bibliographies; Events; Feminist Activism; Forums; Histor; Institutes; Journals; Law; Literature; Media; Women's Issues; and Usenet groups.

Women in Higher Education
A monthly newsletter subscribed to by Women administrators, staff and faculty in Universities in U.S. and Canada. Includes job listings.

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Workplace Issues

Advancing Women: Workplace strategies
This site helps women network together to meet workplace challenges by tapping into the larger, better connected world of successful women with common career goals and shared strategies.

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Other assorted favourites

Beijing '95: Women, Power and Change
This site links you to the original Beijing conference pages as well as sites to help follow up and to implement ideas and recommended changes. These include a Final Report on The Fourth World Conference; The Committments Scoreboard; Report to the President from the U.S. Delegation, 10/25/95; Virtual Sisterhood Follow Up Activities; and more.

Gloria G. Brame's Castle in the Sky
This site explore's Gloria Glickstein Brame's literary domain. It includes magazine articles, scores of art links, links for women with websites, links to an e-zine for contemporary American poets, and many graphics.

Dedicated to promoting lesbian visibility through online publications, lesbian discussion groups, donations to lesbian organizations, and more.

Pleiades Network
A place to create a community of women who share knowledge and experience to help each other learn and grow as individuals. They offer a Guide to the Internet, discussion forums, Women's Choice (recommendations for books, movies, artists, and web sites), Women's Directory, a calendar, and classifieds.

Webgrrls Unite ! A Webgrrl is a woman with a website or a member of the cool international networking group thameets both online and in the real world. This site offers links to women's websites, how to join a Webgrrl Chapter near you, and a recap of the first Webgrrls Expo in NYC! Check out the Chicago chapter's web site .

Women's Resources on the Internet
Yet another index of women's links, this one by the Women's Resource Project at UNC-CH. The categories here include: Art; Biographies; Bisexual and Lesbian Resources; Calendars, Conferences & Announcement; Electronic Discussion Forums; Film; Gender Issues; Health; History; Legal; Literature; Music; Organizations; Publications; Reproductive Rights; Sexuality; Sports; and Women's Studies Programs.

WWWomen lists sites of interest to women in many categories including: Arts & Entertainment, Business, Community, Law, Computers, Diversity, Education, Feminism, Health, History, Lesbians, Publications, Science & Sports. In addition, it offers a "best of" list of women's sites, a guided tour of the web (WWW Women's Ring), surveys, news, mailing lists, and chat opportunities. We like it so much, we added their search engine to our web site!

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