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Who We Are…

The Campus Advocacy Network (CAN) is an innovative program that provides a team approach to advocacy in order to assist UIC students, staff and faculty who are victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking and hate crimes.

At CAN, we believe that all women and men deserve safety from harm, but believe that this safety may be achieved in multiple ways. We respect that gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, class, religious beliefs, and ability can be factors that shape experience with violence.

We are committed to working together with survivors of violence even if no further action is taken. We work to realistically explore options open to them and support their attempt to access resources both on and off campus.

Advocacy…what is it?

Advocacy means that we assist you in navigating this process. We outline your options and support you in whatever you choose to pursue by making phone calls, assisting you with safety planning, coordinating different services and/or accompanying you to appointment or court appearances.

Crisis Support

The CAN team understands that violence affects your ability to feel safe, concentrate on your work, maintain good relationships and live life the way you want to. We are here to listen and validate your experiences so that together we CAN find a way for you to heal. Although we do not provide counseling, we can refer you to a counseling service that feels right for you.