“I Can Do That!”

Tour Site Descriptions



UIC Police: Catch a Crook

Be a star witness and help a police artist create a computerized composite sketch of a suspect.  Other high tech equipment and police dispatching will be observed.


Beginning Theater Workshop: movement and improvisation

Fundamentals of acting will be taught through acting and improve games that focus on concentration, imagination, trust, and having fun.  Wear loose and comfortable clothes. 

Physics: Let There Be Light!

Tour the Physics labs and learn what they’re all about.  A laser light show will be included to demonstrate how lasers can be used to create 3-D images.


Librarians: Information Detectives  

Go on an information scavenger hunt to find facts in more than 2 million books, thousands of maps, and reference works. See how university librarians are able to answer more than 97 million reference questions each year.


Computer Center: Design your own web page

Describe your hobbies, interests, school, family, dog –whatever you wish to share with the rest of the World Wide Web.  You will upload a photograph of your smiling face too!


Nursing in the ER

Tour the UIC Hospital and you will get first-hand experiences in the Emergency Room (ER) and in an ambulance. See and experience what nurses do everyday; apply bandages and casts in the ER and check out the inside of an ambulance. Sorry, no driving allowed!


Calling All Future Nurses: To the UIC College of Nursing

Tour the nursing skills laboratory where nursing students begin to learn the skills needed to care for people.  Talk with real nursing students about their experiences and different opportunities in nursing.  Hands-on demonstrations with medical equipment will also be included.


Learning with Play: Early Childhood Education

Are you great with kids? Come and visit the campus child care program and discover how teachers, students and staff help pre-school children learn through discovery and play.


Bite into Dentistry!

Explore how teeth grow by exploring real teeth from sharks, alligators, humans, and more! Get hands-on with real dental tools and learn how to make impressions of teeth.

Pharmacy: The World of Pharmacy

What do Pharmacists and Pharmacy technicians do? Visit the Hospital Pharmacy and dress up to view the sterile product preparation in a “cleanroom”, robotic automated medication systems, and learn about poison prevention.


UIC Photo Lab: Photographic Explorations

See a professional photo studio set up and shoot pictures with a digital camera. Learn about careers in photography and the role women have played.


Art & Design: Creating Your Own Comic Book

UIC’s very own comic book artist and author of the Circle Unleashed and Irresistible Force, Donald McQuay will help you create your own comic book.  He will also discuss how to break into the comic book industry.   

Designing Daughters: The World at Your Fingertips

Join us for an interactive fun session on the design of homes and neighborhoods. Explore your creative skills with a hands-on design activity where you will create your own neighborhood!

Stones, Bones and Other Archaeological Treasures: How Archaeologists Work at UIC

Is your idea of a female archaeologist “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider” in the movies? Meet some of the real female archaeologists at UIC and hear about our work in exotic parts of the world and our interesting adventures as we uncover past civilizations through archaeology. We will take a tour of an archaeology lab and show you how we use artifacts to piece together the past lives of people in places like Southeast Asia and the Amazon.