Beyond > Violence : Bystander Film Festival Contest

                                                       Mission Statement

Beyond>Violence, Bystander Film Contest and Festival aims to promote discussion around and the practice of bystander intervention. To encourage the community to take part in intervening in uncomfortable social situations before they escalate into interpersonal violence. Bystander intervention challenges diffusion of responsibility that contributes to crimes. The goal of this contest and festival is to promote dialogues around issues of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, bullying, and speaking out against oppressive language. These conversations connect themes of social equity and community responsibility, empowering audiences to take a stand against interpersonal violence.
Film is a powerful tool that can help form social norms, reflect positive community values and gives people a medium to tell stories of safer, stronger communities. Films created should present practical and entertaining scenes of model bystander intervention. A festival of this nature is needed to build an engaged community; a community where personal responsibility and accountability are real and part of every day conversations.
Screening films as a community will begin the process of, denouncing a society that promotes rape culture, violent masculinity, and social injustice