What We Do

Fall 2007:

-Meetings every week
-Gender bending BBQ/Bake Sale - men baked, women BBQ'ed
-Along with Chicago Abused Women Coalition and others sponsored and participated in "Silent Too Long, Silent No More," an anti-domestic violence march in Pilsen.

- Presented to UIC's ResLife council (RA's and PM's) about how to have a feminist and all inclusive floor.

-MASV responded to an offensive letter in the UIC Flame

 -Spoke at the Gender & Women's Studies department's open house
-Had a potluck dinner
-Participated in fall '07 marketplace - a place where students can meet groups on campus

Spring 2008:

-Feminists United and Men Against Sexual Violence hosted “Activism 101,” a conference in February 2008 on creating an activist community
-Men Against Sexual Violence co-sponsored Roger's Park Young Women's Action Team's  February conference, “Talking About Misogyny,” on engaging young men as allies
-Contributed to YWAT's "Redefining Masculinity" t-shirt contest + getting other student organizations involved
-Put together a library of resources regarding masculinity and men in anti-violence work
-Events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, including a screening and discussion of Byron Hurt’s “Beyond Beats and Rhymes” and YWAT’s “Where Our Brothers At?” and the Clothesline Project                                                      

 -Helped with the production of “The Vagina Monologues”
Fall 2008:
-Co-sponsored Pride’s “National Coming Out Day”                                                                        

-Co-sponsored Gender & Sexuality Center’s “Safe Zone 101” training         

 -Along with Student Outreach Services, Feminists United, Campus Anti-War Network and many student voices organized to save UIC’s Campus Advocacy Network. The fight is still on-going. To get involved, click here - http://www.uic.edu/depts/owa/advocacy.html

Spring 2009:
-Male Ally Conference, April 25-26. For more information, see the “Conference” tab.                                        

-Various events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April