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*UIC Police: Catch A Crook!
Be a start witness and help a police artist create a computerized composite sketch of a suspect! Other high-tech equipment and police dispatching will be observed.
*A Day In The Life of A Chemical Engineer
See how Chemical Engineers are helping to save the Planet!
*Day In The Emergency Room
What goes on every day in the emergency room? Here’s your chance to find out! Take a tour of an Emergency Room and meet nurses, physicians, and pharmacists. Participate in making a cast, listen to instructions for using crutches, participate in putting a nurse on a monitor, listen for a blood pressure and view an x-ray!

*Asian American Role Models for Everyone
Come visit the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center to learn about the kinds of programs the center offers, what kinds of jobs people do at the center, and meet students who spend time at the center. In addition, we will engage in an interactive activity to learn about Asian American role models everyone can learn from no matter what ethnic or racial background we are!

*Jewelry and Entrepreneurship
What is an entrepreneur? Come join us as we make one or two pieces of jewelry and learn about entrepreneurship.
(Girls who can only wear sterling silver or gold due to allergies, should not participate).

*How Small Can You Get?
Join the Chemistry Department for a short discussion of career possibilities in science and participate in hands-on activities on cell growth, DNA work and watch a protein movie!
*Exploring Radiology Technology at UIC
What is it like to get an x-ray? Learn and explore technology in Radiology with hands-on experience in our scanners and simulators.
*How Green Can You Be at UIC?
Join us as we celebrate the 40th Earth Day at the student organized "Ecojamapalooza" with music and exhibits by green student groups and outside sustainable service providers. Come learn how an institution can be more environmentally-friendly and what you can do in your own lives to be green!

*Tour of the UIC African-American Cultural Center
Join us for a tour of UIC's African American Culture Center where you will discover what the center does and take a tour of their current art exhibit by artist Maty Niang, titled Visages De Femme.
*Skulls and Bones:
There is so much more to dentistry than cleaning teeth!

Did you know that healthy teeth are key for overall good health?Join us on a tour of the Oral Anatomy museum where you will learn how the human skull is the foundation of dentistry and where you will have the opportunity to hold human and animal skulls!Also take a tour of the Kottemann Gallery of Dentistry, which deptcts the history of the College including antique dental instruments, and where you will learn about the wonderful careers avaliable in dentistry.

*Be A Writer
Join us for a hands-on workshop, where girls can make their own little magazine with the help of an experienced "zine" publisher, UIC senior Vicky Lim. Vicky will be joined by several other UIC tutors, who will help the students with copying and printing. Afterwards, UIC professor and former Tribune Editor Linda Landis Andrews will talk to the girls about various options for careers in writing.

*America's Next Teen Model
What is Sociology?  What do sociologists do?  How do we look at beauty, fashion, relationships, and pop culture?  We will teach you how think like a sociologist and conduct sociological research using popular teen magazines and other images from the media. .
*Explore the RRC
We do various kinds of research in the Research Resources Center. Come join us as we explore the field of science, do a mini experiment and see exciting demonstrations using different technology!

*Women in the Laboratory
Interested in the mysteries of DNA? Let's open up DNA's secret! Join the four women with science degrees that run the DNA Service Lab which serves the university and other institutions. Witness scientific procedures including how DNA is sequenced!
*The Art of Construction
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to make our University function efficiently and effectively? Join Facilities Management as they describe the construction process and provide a walking tour of the Trades workshops. Participate in a plan reading contest for prizes!

*The Magical Teeth Tour
Would you like to see what a "grill" looks like? This is different that the one in your backyard! During this session, you can learn all about what dentists do. A tour of the college, some hands on activities and a teeth collection exhibit from the animal world will be included. Participants will learn about good oral hygiene by making it a fun adventure and everyone will receive tooth goodies!

*Women in Recreation
Health and fitness are not only good for you, but they can be fun too! Come visit our state-of-the-art Campus Recreation Center, where we will discuss the involvement of our female staff in various areas and explore the behind-the-scenes of Campus Recreation Events.

*Create Your Own Comic Book
Participate in a Comic Book Workshop and discussion. Learn to draw cartoon characters and view an animation presentation.
*Hands-On Science
Here's a chance to see how cool science can be! Join the Science Skills Center where you will have a hands-on opportunity to learn about integrated science from its beginning to now and to learn how science skills relate to jobs and careers, and even our day-to-day life.

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