Women's History Month 2005

“Women Change America ”


Committee Members

Katie Charland, Melissa Csoke, Charmaine Daniels, Mary Lynn Dietsche, Rebecca Gordon, Gerry Gorman, Joey Hampton, Joanna Hazelden, Heather Imrie, Maruja Ivri, Benita Phillips Lester, Maureen Madden, Katye Miller, Ami McReynolds, Beth Powers, Alana Stegich, Peg Strobel, and Denise Ferguson.



Office of Women's Affairs, Campus Programs, Student Activities Funding Committee, Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Women, Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Asian Americans, Gender and Women's Studies, Center for Research on Women and Gender, Asian American Resource and Cultural Center, Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns, Levine Hillel Center, Jane Addams Hull House Museum, Office of Community Relations, Wellness Center, Muslim Women's Association, Muslim Student Action Network, Feminists United, PRIDE, Panhellenic Council, Student Outreach Services, Resident Housing Association, Asian American Awareness Month Planning Committee, Native American Support Program, and Office of the Provost.


LaDuke Reception Co-hosts

City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations Advisory Council on Women