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Self-Compassion: A Change from Within


Allison Niebes-Davis, PhD - Post Doctoral Fellow, UIC Counseling Center
Jenna Bauer, PsyD - Visiting Staff Psychologist, UIC Counseling Center
Stephanie Benedict, PsyD - Interim Associate Director for Training, Staff Psychologist, UIC Counseling Center
Jeanette Simon, PsyD - Interim Assistant Director for Training, Staff Psychologist, UIC Counseling Center


This workshop is designed to help women overcome the dilemma of being compassionate with others, yet critical with ourselves. Self-compassion involves noticing difficult experiences, sharing kindness, and acknowledging that being imperfect is part of the human experience. Instead of just ignoring your pain or telling yourself to “get over it,” you stop to comfort yourself and remind yourself that everyone struggles.

Women’s Self Defense Workshop


Dominick Izzo, Syed Ahmad and Ryan Parmelee - I AM Self Defense, Women’s Self Defense Non Profit


Gain physical skills and develop an empowering mindset in this workshop based on women’s self-defense tactics. The IASD workshop will give participants immediate skill sets to better understand the nature of physical and emotional violence within the home, workplace, public and situational circumstances involving their personal well-being. Comfortable dress is encouraged for this session.

ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE TO ELIMINATE THE NEGATIVE: Staff Development using Solution Focused Coaching


Bob Kiser-Bob Kiser Coaching


Most people believe the way to reach goals is by conquering weaknesses. This workshop explores creating success with staff by working on their strengths. Participants will explore the effects of simple beliefs in weaknesses, the possibility of concentrating on strengths to achieve success, and the practical way of working with staff using Solution Focused Coaching.

Changing the World With Love, One Woman at a Time


Yolanda Brown - CEO of Making Love Better TwoGether


As women we struggle with love, sisterhood, being good enough, figuring out when enough is enough, and finding balance within being a woman. This workshop asks “WOMEN” to look at self to understand the importance of loving self, her fellow sister and finding HER balance in being a woman and being enough with LOVE.

Life’s Effect on Our Bodies: Prevention and Protection


Heather L. Moky PT, DPT - UIC Outpatient Physical Therapy
Julie Polt PT - UIC Outpatient Physical Therapy


This workshop will take a look at how different aspects of our lives from childbirth to menopause can affect our body. This lecture will discuss medical issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, and others and how we can treat and prevent them. This will empower women to better understand their bodies and their healthcare.

Finding Common Ground


Kathy Irving – UIC Office for Access & Equity
Samantha Hare – UIC Office for Access & Equity


Everyone negotiates daily! Negotiation is a means for arriving at mutually agreeable terms. This workshop is intended to discuss and practice basic negotiation skills, whether you are negotiating a new job, a raise in salary, or a personal matter. Discover your BATNA!

Women in Leadership- Developing Your Potential


Jessica A Shepherd MD, MBA


People often associate qualities to leaders that are inherent in the personality of the leader. This leadership training module will cover issues and rights relating to minority women in leadership roles. Through this workshop, the women will learn how to nurture their leadership qualities and how to use current women in leadership roles as inspiring examples and how to fashion their approach to their goals. They will create pathways to help them be successful in their quest to be leaders including, a role model, talent in having a specific skill for these roles, developing initiative and entrepreneurial drive and charisma.

People Matter - Leadership Actions for Inclusion, High Performance, & Innovation


Gloria J. Woods - People Matter/GJW Consulting


People Matter, Now More Than Ever. World changing leaders need to value people, collaborate effectively, be flexible, innovate to solve complex problems, work on inclusive teams to drive results. People of different backgrounds and perspectives, when valued and included, bring innovative solutions. This workshop explores challenging assumptions and managing privilege, and defines the leadership inclusion skills needed to value people.

Have Backpack, Will Travel: What Women of Color May Gain from a Roadtrip or Stamps in Their Passport


Heather Hathaway Miranda – UIC Department of Educational Policy Studies


Thoughts of travel evoke different emotions for potential trip takers. We will discuss the myths and likely benefits of travel, especially for women of color. Examples, activities, humor, and photography will help explore U.S. and international destination ideas and why women should travel. You get so much more from a trip than a stamp in a passport!

TAKE CHARGE: Break Free from the Unproductive Habits that Kill Your Vision and Dreams


Beryl Stromsta, Wright


Do you want more time in your day, more money in your pocket, and more meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment in your life? In this workshop, learn how to identify and overcome your Soft Addictions, the seemingly harmless habits that rob you of time, energy and satisfaction—everywhere in your life! Learn to live from vision and yearnings, rather than cravings, compulsions and the lure of immediate gratification. Take CHARGE of your life.

Home Buying Seminar


Deborah Bolton - Mortgage Loan Originator, Fifth Third Bank


Considering buying a home to call your own? Understand the Pros and Cons of owning a home. Learn the Dos and Don’ts of buying your first home. Find out what you can expect from your lender. Discover steps to getting started today! Also come find out what to do if you are upside down on your mortgage.

From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall…and beyond: Women Creating Change through History and Today


Megan Carney - Director, Gender and Sexuality Center
Rosa Cabrera – Director, Latino Cultural Center
Peg Strobel - Former Director, Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, and professor emerita of UIC Gender and Women’s Studies


2013 marks the centennial year of women gaining the right to vote in Illinois. Jumping off from President Obama’s inaugural address that acknowledged key social justice landmarks in history, we will examine the role of women as leaders and visionaries in order to illuminate different and diverse leadership styles and areas for social justice action in Chicago and the world today.

Restorative Leadership: Transforming Workplace Conflict


M. Michelle Day, JD, MDiv - CEO of In Order Enterprises, LLC


This workshop will assist participants in using the positive potential of interpersonal and/or workplace conflict to effectively transform the organizational environment into a cohesive, productive community. Attendees will acquire 1) an alternative, positive view of the true nature and cause of conflict; 2) an understanding of different responses to conflict and methods of conflict resolution and 3) skills which assist in transforming conflict into continuously restorative workplace environments.