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Self-Defense / Situational Awareness Workshop


Esteban D. Perez - ACCC (IT Security Consultant), UIC Ju-Jutsu Club Advisor


In this fun and engaging workshop, we will cover Situational Awareness and Methods of Self-Defense. This course is for anyone with an interest in methods of self-protection. You will learn how to assess a situation and identify a potential threat, deter/avoid a potential attack and finally react with simple yet effective techniques to thwart and escape an attack. Comfortable dress is encouraged for this session

The Changing Faces of Women in Leadership: Finding the Leader in Me!


Cristina Dorazio, EdM - Intern, UIC Counseling Center
Heather Frank, PsyD - Post Doctoral Fellow, UIC Counseling Center
Danielle Simmons, PhD - Staff Psychologist, UIC Counseling Center
Sonia Sampat, BS - Intern, UIC Counseling Center


This presentation is designed to provide participants a chance to explore their identities as leaders. We will provide participants with some theory and research about women and leadership, particularly as it relates to diversity (e.g., SES, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation). Participants will be asked to engage in reflective and small group activities designed to increase their self-awareness as it relates to personal and professional factors that influence leadership development in women. This workshop will be fun, informative and interactive, and support will be offered in the form of ideas and strategies that have enhanced the development of our various leadership styles.

Strength Spotting for Better Living


Mary Ivory, MA LCPC - Counselor, Coach, Gather Sparks Corp


Strength Spotting is a tool for living a more connected life. In this workshop attendees will get an understanding of the latest research that focuses on identifying and using our personal strengths. This knowledge offers the possibility of better conflict resolution, goal setting and more fun in life. When we act using our strength we have more positive resolve in all roles in life, career, family, love and parenting.

Change Your Mind/ Change Your World


Kate Yoshida - Program Coordinator, UIC Office of Sustainability


Albert Einstein said, “The world as we know it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Sounds simple, but what is he really saying? In this workshop, we learn and practice techniques that increase awareness of thoughts and emotions. Conscious breathing and relaxation enable the mind to become quieter, allowing clarity of thought.

Quieting Chicken Little (and Other Strategies for Team Success)


Diane Hamilton, PCC, SPHR - Calibra


Why is it that being a team member requires such hard work? Everyone agrees with the concept of teamwork, right? It's like mom and apple pie. Yet there is always one person who creates drama. So, why all the dysfunction? And how do we deal with it? This interactive workshop will examine team dysfunction and strategies for team success.

Powerful Women Flex their Muscles: Understanding & Engaging Your Strengths


Stephanie Birk – Assistant Director, UIC Office of Career Services
Elizabeth “Liz” Herrera – Assistant Director, UIC School of Public Health, Career Services


We all have strengths that go untapped or unrecognized, especially in the workplace. The focus of this workshop is self-empowerment through strengths discovery – shifting the focus from fixing our weaknesses to developing our strengths. Recognizing our greatest strengths has power to foster motivation for growth. This workshop will engage participants through interactive reflection and discussion to: (1) build confidence in self, and (2) connections with others. Once aware of hidden strengths, participants will be equipped to “flex their muscles” though practical applications of strengths at work.

NO is not a four letter word! Assertiveness Skills for Life


Laura E. Knights, MSW - Senior Research Specialist, UIC Center for Literacy


Many women struggle with saying “no” in their professional and personal lives. Gaining assertiveness skills is crucial for one’s mental health, ability to manage stress, capacity for leadership, and overall sense of well-being. Participants will learn to honor the feelings of others without sacrificing their own feelings and needs. Workshop participants will engage in self-assessment to explore the various types of communication styles, discuss barriers to utilizing assertiveness skills, learn strategies for being “purposeful” with their words and body language, and learn strategies for saying “NO” without guilt.

Breadwinner and Bread Maker: Working Towards Balance as a Working Mom


Jaime Madison Vasquez - Doctoral Student, UIC College of Education


Come for practical tips and discussion about working towards balance as a working mom. Session will focus on 1) The Mommy Wars: Dealing with Adult Peer Pressures, 2) Work: Fulfilling Expectations and Setting Boundaries, and 3) Family: Nurturing Children, Maintaining a Home, and Staying Sane. New, experienced, and potential moms welcome! Jaime is a working mother of three young children.

Vision Mission and Your Life Work:
Explore the Power of Knowing What You Want


Margie Perzynski


This course will explore how your personal vision and mission empowers your career choices. Methods of journal writing, small group and large group discussion will be used to explore the artwork of your life. Journal entries will focus on your passions, your present work life, future career path, and creative career design. Creative visualization and futuring exercises will enhance your ability to design a compelling future.

Self- Healing Investigations Guided By A Native Aztec Dancer


Diana “Quetzal Cihualt” Sanchez Uriostegui


In this workshop participants will learn about various forms of self-healing. Traditional healing methods will be discussed alongside non-traditional methods. We will begin this workshop with a guided Introspection. Fasting as part of self-healing will also be discussed. Hand-outs will be given with suggestions on self-healing further development by the guide and will allow for individual questions at the end of the workshop. This workshop is intended to support a balanced life while living in an urban setting. Comfortable dress is encouraged for this session. Women are encouraged to wear a skirt to have further connection to their feminine nature.

Meditation for Movers & Shakers: You’ve moved mole hills, now it’s time to use your MIND to move mountains…daily


Pilar Audain Reed, MS, MPH. - Proprietor, Kreative Souls by Pilar


As leaders, it's super important to keep a clear mind and conscience. Did you know that the body can be renewed and transformed through words and thought? By changing your thought patterns you can heal/prevent dis-ease within (illness) and dis-ease without (social/work issues). We will explore the 5 W’s of simple visualization and meditation techniques that will strengthen your leadership.

The CARE PROFILE Workshop: Tapping Your Social Intelligence


Jillian Eichel, MEd, MA - Faculty and Coach, Wright


Social Intelligence is one of the most significant and sought after skills today. Social awareness and facility – your ability to read and communicate effectively with different personalities – has a huge impact on how you are viewed and how effective you are in managing your relationships. During this fun, interactive workshop, you will learn your personality style and how best to leverage your natural skills while simultaneously learning to interact with all personality types. The result? Successful and satisfying relationships everywhere!.