Women's Studies

* Archives for Research on Women and Gender

This site, offered by the Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, offers primary sources for women's history and a exhaustive list of links to other archives/libraries with women's history materials.

* Artemis Guide to Women's Studies Programs in the US

This site offers links to many women's studies programs in the U.S.

* Chicana Studies Home Page

This site provides links to other Latina Web sites, conference announcements, and bibliographic resources.

* Ethics Updates: Literature on Gender

This site provides a short survey of important philosophical works on gender and ethics. It offers short summaries of recent articles on gender, and suggestions for discussion questions and term paper topics.

* Feminism and Gender Studies

This site is part of the Philosophy Pages at Johns Hopkins. It mostly lists other sites broken down by indexes of women's sites and "general," the latter focusing on issues of ethics and philosphy.

* Feminism and the Law - Curricular Resources Clearinghouse

This site offers a collection of syllabi, reading lists, bibliographies and other information pertinent to the teaching of legal courses involving feminist issues.

* National Women's History Project

This nonprofit educational organization has the goal of promoting gender equity through education about women's diverse lives and accomplishments. Their site offers information useful for Women's History Month observances including program ideas, listings of women's history performers, a resource catalog, and exemplary programs. They also provide "important history links."

* Women in Higher Education

A monthly newsletter subscribed to by Women administrators, staff and faculty in Universities in U.S. and Canada. Includes job listings.

* A Celebration of Women Writers

This site offers a recognition of the rich history of women writers. An initial list of women writers and available on-line works is provided (broken down alphabetically).They are also linking to biographical information pages about women writers. An interesting, ongoing exhibit!

* Women's Studies Database

This database site contains conference announcements, calls for papers, and employment opportunities, information on legislative issues, film reviews, a picture gallery, and government documents.

* Yahoo's Guide to Women's Studies

Yahoo offers another great set of links covering: Indices; Art; Bibliographies; Events; Feminist Activism; Forums; Histor; Institutes; Journals; Law; Literature; Media; Women's Issues; and Usenet groups

Questions????What other women's studies links should we include here? Is your favorite site missing? Send your suggestions to MMacklin@uic.edu.. If you would like to help expand our list, please contribute a short description of a recommended site (20-50 words) and its URL.

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